The Woman Awakened


Explore Paris, France on this powerful sensory journey, to awaken and connect with your heart and soul as Jody guides you on the Path of the Heart.

Enjoy life in Spirit’s arms as you allow these sensory experiences and time for reflection to open the path to awakening your feminine essence. As we journey, you will learn how to take these experiences and apply them to your everyday lives, so that you too can hold a balance between the spiritual and material worlds and learn to love and know yourself on a deep level.


Paris – the city of love and light in a country where the essence of the Divine Feminine is anchored strongly. Discover how your senses awaken you to your sensuality, how the beauty of Notre Dame and Chartres Cathedral will nourish your Spirit. A journey for the heart where Jody will guide you to build a connection with the truth of who you are.



  • Discover the sensory power of Parfum as you create your own signature scent.
  • Tantalise and excite your tastebuds as we immerse ourselves in the delights of French cuisine.
  • Inhale the scent of Spring and let your eyes absorb the vibrant colours & textures at the various markets.
  • Listen to classical music at night in Notre Dame Cathedral. Pause and enjoy lunch and appreciate the passion & creativity of artists.
  • Allow the beauty of Chartres Cathedral to reach deep within your heart and soul.


‘To travel is to take a journey into yourself.’ ~ Danny Kaye

Jody Kalpenos
Jody has travelled to France many times and it is the place she feels most connected to her heart. She is passionate about providing authentic, cultural, feminine, spiritual and heart based experiences so that women can find their own deep connection to themselves as a woman & awaken their divine feminine essence.

Jody has overcome the emotional challenges of her past to create a new life based on love & light – a life where she strives to hold a balance between the spiritual and material worlds.

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A few words from the ladies who journeyed with Jody in 2016


“I feel truly privileged to have participated in the first “The Woman Awakened” journey in May 2016. My essence as a woman was lost and through Jody’s gentle guidance was awakened. My goal is to keep this awakened woman at the forefront. Highlights of Paris were a superb perfume making workshop, chocolate, pastries, simple and delicious tapas, a concert in the Cathedral of Notre Dame and just wandering the beautiful streets. I felt nurtured from day one. I would highly recommend the “The Women Awakened” journey”
~ Sandra


“Jody knows Paris so well which allowed me to feel comfortable that I could simply let go and enjoy the experience. We explored hidden laneways in the different arrondissements, delicious food, great wines + ambient surrounds that most visitors wouldn’t get to sample. The cafes that Jody chose were well thought out offering us a wide selection of different food.
Jody had a spacious schedule so it never felt like we had to rush anywhere. Everything was carefully thought out yet also leaving enough space for things to change to suit the group. 
I didn’t feel like I was part of an organized group but rather holidaying with good friends… Jody was able to create a very relaxed vibe which flowed through the group.


I can highly recommend this tour to any woman who would love to explore + discover the beauty of France whilst re-connecting to her own feminine essence”
~ Susanne


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