I will walk beside you on your journey and be your guide ~ if you are ready

If you are truly ready to take a journey within, I will meet you where you are at and with the wisdom and knowledge I have gained over many lifetimes in this school we call Earth, I will be an honest and loving voice as you learn to empower yourself and master Self-Love.


Do you know who you are? Have you forgotten how to love yourself or have never even started? Would you like to connect to your personal essence on a deeper level? Are you wanting change but don’t know where to start? Do you feel like your past is holding you hostage and stopping you from moving forward? Would you like to empower yourself, love yourself and begin creating the life of your dreams?

Mentoring gives you the chance to work with me one-on-one to begin your journey to freedom, to connect to the Path of the Heart, to begin to know, love and embrace all aspects of yourself.


Two options are available:


After an initial consultation to discover where you are at and why you are seeking mentoring, we will establish a schedule of sessions to be held here in Melbourne.


I don’t want anyone to miss this opportunity so your one-on-one mentoring can be held via Skype.


Included in your one-on-one mentoring experience:
  • Pre Session Questionnaire
  • Initial Consultation
  • Activities/guidance tailored to your needs
  • Energy healing if Jody is guided to do
  • Homework/Action steps to take away & implement between sessions
  • Bonus one-hour meeting via phone/Skype – in between Sessions if needed

It is highly recommended that you work with Jody for a minimum of three months, as there is no magic wand that changes things overnight/after one session. This also ensures that Jody is available to support you as you integrate the shifts that will occur into your life.
A journey of healing, transformation and learning to love yourself is an ongoing one. Life is our school and it provides us with opportunities to learn daily. If you are after a magic pill and are not prepared to take daily action or work on yourself, then I am not the person for you. No-one can do the work for us ~ I am simply your loving guide and mentor on your journey.

Want to work with me?