Do you want to be free from emotional pain? Do you long for self-acceptance, self-love and a sense of peace?

If so, this book is for you. In Finding Freedom… Finding Me, Jody lovingly shares her experiences & realisations, & through her story you will receive the courage to step out from your shadows & create a life that you love.

“ Finding Freedom..Finding me is an engrossing true story of one woman’s journey through more traumas than many of us will ever have. I couldn’t put this inspirational book down, captivated by Jody’s refreshingly raw honesty through her painful journey of emotional healing as she evolved into self-love and self-acceptance!”

Michelle Mayur
Spiritual teacher, healer and author of Embraced by the Divine: The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose

What people are saying

This exploration of Jody’s journey is so similar to mine that I felt I cried every tear, ached every heart ache, an extraordinary read that spoke to my heart, giving me permission to be me that I didn’t even know I needed. You will love this book if you are looking for a female role model to inspire you. Jody has not only provided readers with an intimate glimpse into her own life challenges, but at the end of most chapters she has provided a guide for us to contemplate and work through our own. ”
Victoria Wilding
Coach, mentor, speaker & author
www.VictoriaWilding.com, www.ShiftFoundation.org
“Jody Kalpenos writes a raw and very real revelation of her life, sharing her journey through deep loss and inner struggle to accomplishment. Her book is not just a memoir; it is also a workbook to help people come to terms with deep issues, and to assist in the healing process. The greatest teachers are those who have overcome the greatest challenges. This is a must-read. ”
Brenda Pearce
Author & CEO of eFactor Media; Partner in Wisdoms From the Heart Publications
www.eFactorLive.com, www.WisdomsFromTheHeart.com
“An incredible journey both inward and outward! Courageously speaking her truth, Jody Kalpenos writes a compelling and honest story about her journey from pain to joy. By doing so, she helps others look deep within themselves to uncover and heal their own stuffed emotions, internal woundings and darkest fears. Using a simple journaling technique, along with asking good questions, Jody helps the reader to explore and unravel their inner world, enabling them to clarify and heal their life from the inside out with compassion and love.”
Cindy Powers Prosor
The Intuitive Heart Mentor
“Jody’s book is beautifully written and is a genuine outpouring of the heart. She writes of her past as it really was, with an honesty and frankness which is sometimes confronting but always engaging. It is a true story of triumph over difficult events and numerous setbacks, in which a steadfast resilience shows through. Each chapter has helpful questions for consideration, encouraging the reader to reflect on their own life journey. This book is a powerful catalyst for inner transformation.”
Grant Lambert
Advanced Alchemy Pty Ltd

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