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Diving down and facing my deepest fears
August 23, 2018  by admin 

At the beginning of 2018 I knew what my year was going to be about. I had made a vow to dive deeper into...

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Decision Making  Growth  Intuition  Personal Growth  Transformation 
Why I’m passionate about the Power of Choice
August 15, 2018  by admin 

So why am I passionate about the Power of Choice? On 22 November 2009 I held a Circle of Gratitude ceremony...

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When will the madness end?
July 15, 2016  by admin 

When will the madness end? I don’t normally rant or vent my anger and frustration on my blog or social...

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My gifts from Rob Bell
July 10, 2016  by admin 

The photo I shared yesterday on social media of Rob Bell and I laughing has a story behind it. Since...

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Saying goodbye… and choosing love
June 22, 2016  by admin 

I have been quiet since landing back in Australia, spending time with my boys and getting my house in order....

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Following my dreams
May 13, 2016  by admin 

Following my dreams… staying true to my vision, my heart’s calling and believing that I deserve...

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Embracing change in 2016
February 18, 2016  by admin 

Embracing change in 2016 began on Boxing Day. Agitation from deep within me began to arise. I felt on edge,...

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A typical first day in Paris
February 1, 2016  by admin 

Catching sight of the Eiffel Tower or Sacre Cour as the train rolls into Paris from Charles de Gaulle...

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Celebrate with Us TODAY! Free Gifts and Fun!
January 21, 2016  by admin 

Don’t you love just snuggling up in a cozy chair with a good paperback book that you just don’t want...

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Reflecting back on 2015
January 3, 2016  by admin 

Sitting down and reflecting back on 2015 and what it taught me, I’m looking out the window of a friend’s...

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