Meet Jody Kalpenos

Feminine Connection Mentor, Author, Seeker and Journey Leader

Jody lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her two sons. She connects with her own feminine essence by honouring her needs and making time for what she loves – reading books, heading out into the country, inhaling the scent of garden-picked roses, honouring her intuition, listening to music and travelling. Jody strives to achieve a balance between the spiritual and material worlds; the masculine and feminine aspects of herself and is dedicated to the Path of the Heart.

Her story is the foundation upon which her purpose has blossomed. She is a woman who has searched for deeper meaning in her life and for whom the vision has always been greater than the fear.

Jody feels deeply passionate about sharing the wisdom she has gained from her journey in the hope it makes a difference in the lives of other women. She is a Seeker who is a dedicated student in knowing herself and then sharing that knowledge with women all over the world


‘Don’t allow your story to define you or hold you back from unveiling the real treasure within you and then sharing it with the world’

Jody Kalpenos

I know deep within my heart that we all deserve to live a joyful, abundant life that is filled with love and light. I believe that entering our inner world and facing all aspects of what lies there, is the key to unlocking our personal freedom.

To truly love and accept yourself means confronting, healing and letting go of all the pain, darkness, limiting beliefs, generational patterns and fear that cripples and traps you. Running away from or numbing how you feel will never set you free. Embracing your feelings and feeling them in all their different guises is part of being human and in particular part of being a woman.

Every woman can learn to love all of who she is and create a life she truly desires despite the narrative of her story. In doing so her hidden treasure will be unveiled, her feminine essence awakened and only then will true freedom be found.


Writing this book has been my way of giving meaning to the pain & suffering I’ve experienced. My deepest hope is that my story inspires you, at whatever stage of life, to know that you can overcome darkness & adversity by holding a vision for the way you want your life to look & be. For that vision to be the foundation that holds you up & drives you forward. I hope that, by taking time to let your heart whisper & guide you home, you will discover the treasure that lies within you, that has always been within you.

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