Meet Jody Kalpenos

Visionary, Creatrix, Writer, Mentor, Seeker and Journey Leader

Jody is a Visionary, Creatrix, a Divine Love Channel and is dedicated to the Path of the Heart. She embodies Freedom and Truth in the way she chooses to live her life and is working daily towards the anchoring of the New Earth through the completion of her Divine Mission.

Her life has been a pilgrimage of alchemical transformation as she has sought to come into Union between the spiritual and material worlds, light and dark aspects of self and her masculine and feminine energies. She is mastering Self-Love in this life and holds sacred the highest vision for her Divine Mission here on Earth.

Jody knows her story is the foundation upon which her passion and purpose has blossomed. She shares the wisdom she has embodied in the hope it inspires others to empower themselves to also achieve freedom and truth in their lives.

Apart from learning in the School of Life, Jody has completed a Certificate in Holistic Counselling, is a Seichim Master, a Spirit Keeper of the Womb and an Initiate of Sacred Mystery School having completed the Path of the Mystic training in Santorini in 2018.


‘The Path of the Heart, the Way of Love is the only way forward and it starts by turning inwards and learning to Love yourself fully and completely ~ even the parts that you turn away from and reject’

Jody Kalpenos

You deserve to live a joyful, abundant life filled with love and the full expression of what it is to be human. I know that entering your inner world and facing all aspects of what lies there, is the key to unlocking your personal freedom and empowering yourself to create the life of your dreams.

To truly love and accept yourself means confronting, healing and letting go of all the pain, darkness, limiting beliefs, generational patterns and fear that cripples and traps you. It means making friends with your shadow self and learning to love all aspects of who you are. Embracing all of your feelings and feeling them in all their different guises is part of being human and why you chose to incarnate here on Earth.

You can learn to love all of who you are and create a life you truly desire despite the narrative of your story or your current circumstances. You have the knowledge deep within you that can empower you and set you free. In doing the inner work, your hidden treasure will be unveiled, your essence awakened, your light will shine more brightly and true freedom will be found.


Writing this book has been my way of giving meaning to the pain & suffering I’ve experienced. My deepest hope is that my story inspires you, at whatever stage of life, to know that you can overcome darkness & adversity by holding a vision for the way you want your life to look & be. For that vision to be the foundation that holds you up & drives you forward. I hope that, by taking time to let your heart whisper & guide you home, you will discover the treasure that lies within you, that has always been within you.

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